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Updated On: Dec 335, 2017
2017 TENTATIVE AGREEMENT Fellow Teamsters, Attached to this email is the tentative agreement between your Union and NetJets. This proposed contract is the result of many long years of hard work and dedication by rank and file members, negotiating committee members and union leaders. When you review the tentative agreement, you will notice that new contract language is in "bold" text. Current contract language is in "plain" text. Compare the tentative agreement to the 2007 Agreement to identify deleted language. The tentative agreement is also located on the Local 284 and International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Airline Division websites. You can access the document here: Please note that current Letters of Agreement (LOA) are referenced in the "status table" of the attached tentative agreement. New LOAs are also included in the tentative agreement. All of the Letters of Agreement will be attached to the printed version of the contract after it is signed by the parties. The Union will hold membership meetings at Local 284 on December 7 and December 8 to review the proposed contract and answer your questions. Your negotiating committee, Local 284 and Teamsters Airline Division representatives will be in attendance at the meetings. The December 7 meeting begins at 10:00 AM and the December 8 begins at 9:00 AM. Local 284's meeting hall is located at 555 East Rich St., Columbus, Ohio 43215. As we will explain in greater detail at the meetings, we are recommending that the membership ratify the proposed contract. Like any proposed contract, there are provisions in this tentative agreement that we like very much and there are provisions in the proposed agreement that we wish were better. However, when we consider the size of the pay increases, including the 20% increases on date of ratification and signing bonuses that reach as high $30,000.00, additional pay increases in every year of the contract, excellent health insurance and retirement benefits of members and their families, the preservation of protections against furlough when there is subcontracting and other favorable working conditions, among other factors, we believe ratification of this proposed contract serves the interests of the membership. We are a democratic union. All members in good standing have a right to vote on the proposed contract. We urge you to review the tentative agreement carefully and to attend a meeting on December 7 or December 8. Your negotiating committee members are available to answer questions at work. Information regarding voting procedures, dates and times has been sent to your home. A Notice will also be sent to you by email and posted on the Union bulletin board. It remains an honor to represent our fellow workers at NetJets. Fraternally, John Wolfe Fred Price Tom Piteo Tom Freeman Steward Steward Steward Steward

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